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A fun full-body workout that could contain almost anything! From squats and press-ups to battle ropes and kettlebells, you’ll build your strength and work muscles you never knew existed.


Step into your ring and pack a body conditioning punch. Using pads and gloves, you’ll get strong, lean and toned – faster than you thought possible. Ignite calories, release stress and show your core you won’t quit.


Fast, challenging and great for mixing it up. Blast calories quick with short bursts of cardio and resistance work completed at different stations. Your whole body will feel this one.


HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) will kick your metabolism into overdrive! Made up of mainly bodyweight exercises, you’ll exercise as hard and fast as you can for short bursts, with brief rest periods in between exercises. This one is sure to make you sweat.

Legs, Bums and Tums:

A class that will focus on those area’s of the body that we love to hate. Expect high-repetition based routines that will put your legs, bum and tum through their paces and help you to burn fat and shape up.


Slow it down and focus on controlling your muscles and movements. Simple stretches to strengthen and tone every muscle in your body (especially your core). Breathing techniques to quiet every corner of your mind. Perfect to calm you from a stressful day.