Hi, my name is Jacob, I am 22 and I am a level 3 Peronal Trainer and am new to the G&S Family. Today I wanted to talk about instant and delayed gratification since this concept is what helped me from being a lazy teen that played video games, ate an enormous amount of junk foods, and had epileptic seizures every day to now, A gym lover that has seizures only once a month and strives to be stronger, healthier and better in all aspects of life.

What  is instant gratification?

Instant gratification is the natural human urge to want good things and want them NOW! So we obtain a less rewarding but more immediate benefit. Examples are watching Netflix or your favorite TV show, scrolling through social media or eating your favorite  fast foods/takeaway (mines Chinese, how good is Chow Mein with egg  fried rice DAMN!

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So, what is delayed gratification?

Delayed  gratification is the ability to hold out now for a better reward later. Examples are skipping out on unnecessary purchases to save up money for that holiday you always wanted or taking on a low-paid job you don’t love but will help further your career if you keep at it.

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Now I am not saying you shouldn’t watch TV, or you’re never allowed to eat out again because then life would be boring. What I am saying is we shouldn’t indulge in Instant gratification but instead use it as a treat, for when we have accomplished our tasks towards our Delayed gratification goals.

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SO WHAT! What the heck has this got to do with the gym and fitness? I hear you say.

A bit harsh but fair point, I’ll tell you. What if I told you that there are things that can give both instant and delayed gratification and the gym is one of them. Would you be interested? Cool. During exercise, it may still feel difficult and uncomfortable, but it also feels fun and fulfilling (Instant gratification), and over time seeing the progress you’ve made in the gym such as getting your first ever pull up or seeing the changes in the mirror leads to even greater fulfilment this is the Delayed gratification.

“But I don’t find exercise fun or fulfilling”!

That’s okay there are so many types of exercise and activities we’ve just got to find the right one for you. For me, I love lifting weights but for you, it could be Yoga, Circuits, HIIT, Pilates and there are many more. Be sure to check out G&S Fitness Classes they are fun and a great way to stay accountable. If you would prefer more of a one-one, where a trainer helps you accomplish your goals and create a training program tailored to your individual needs then you can ask as G&S reception or call the gym on 01769 573006.

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You can email me at jacobpersonaltraining@gmail.com